Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

Ok so today to start off my journey I decided to make Chocolate Mint lip balm. I was really worried about making this one but I figured the worst I could do was make a huge mess in my kitchen and the recipe not work. So I gathered everything in my kitchen next to the stove to make it easier to grab what I needed. The recipe that I used from Pinterest will be posted at the end. Here’s what I did, I took a large pot filled 1/3 full with water. Next I sat a glass measuring cup inside the water and turned the heat on low so that you don’t burn the oils. Reading the ingredients and instructions I made the lip balm. I found all of the little containers at Hobby lobby. This was after checking the grocery store, and Big Lots. Hobby Lobby had plenty of choices. I also bought 100 disposable plastic transfer pipettes in order to make things easier and it was really easy with these. This took me about 20 minutes and after I was done placed them in the fridge to get them done quicker. So the question now is what do I think about my new lip balm. First of all it has coconut oil in it so it does feel a little greasy on my lips but being that it is winter and my lips haven’t felt dry all day that might be a good thing. Needless to say with the chocolate and mint it smells amazing. It did take some initial costs but if you continue to do it or other things most of the items in it can be used with other recipes. I might of made them all for 1:50 and I got 15 out of the bunch, they look like they will last a while so i could have 6 months supply.  With no further delay the pinterest site is below. Good luck.


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