Orange all purpose cleaner

Ok this one is going to be short and sweet but your going to love it 🙂 I went to the grocery store and bought a gallon of vinegar for 1.97. We always have oranges on hand so this was already available. I poured about half of the vinegar in a large glass jar that I bought at hobby lobby on sale for 2.99. Then when my girls ate their oranges I simply threw them into the jar of vinegar. I started this yesterday 1/27/2014 and it will be ready in two weeks 2/10/2014. I can use it to clean anything that you would clean with an all purpose cleaner like Lysol and also this is a concentrate so you pour your vinegar into a bottle and just fill it 1/4 of the bottle full, fill the rest with water and clean away. So long story short I spent 3.97 on this concentrate and I have about 9 times more than you would get with a regular bottle of all purpose spray. Like before i will post the site I got this idea from and of course a pic of my final product.  I have to be honest i am going crazy for all of the do it yourself idea I have. I like that you get more than you would in the store and it’s easy. If it were a bit harder I may not be doing it or blogging about it 🙂 This took less than two minutes to do and I think it is worth it.


Well we are one week into the orange cleaner now. I still have another week until it is ready to use but figured i would post an update so you could see what happens as this sits. The oranges are starting to fall to the bottom and the color is really turning orange. When I open the canister now it doesn’t have a huge vinegar smell to it either. so without further delay her is what it looks like now.



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