Saving money the smart way

Technically I didn’t make anything this time however, I wanted to pass on a little information. I have seen a lot of people doing the pantry challenge (this is where you cook what ever is in your pantry). This is a great idea one that I have been doing for a while although I include the freezer also! My husband hunts so we have deer, dove and he fishes also. My goal starting in October was to only use the meat that was in the freezer. I plan meals for 2 weeks then go to the grocery store and buy the items I need for all of those meals. On the off week I might run to the store for milk and eggs but other than that I bought everything I needed. I also buy only whats on my list…or try lets face it sometimes its harder than others to say no to COOKIES!  I have been doing this for a little while now and I am not going to blow you away and say I learned how to feed a family of 4 on 50 dollars however I have cut our grocery bill almost in half. Where i use to spend anywhere between 450 and 600 a month (before my husband started hunting) I am now spending around 150 to 200. So I sat down and planned out my meals yesterday and went grocery shopping.

Meals for two weeks-

  1. Fajitas
  2. spaghetti
  3. leftovers
  4. taco’s
  5. chicken salad sandwitches
  6. fried catfish
  7. back-strap (deer meat on the grill)
  8. Pancakes
  9. Burgundy beef tips and rice
  10. leftovers
  11. fried deer meat
  13. Hamburgers
  14. fried catfish

Now as I wrote this I made sure

1. I had something to go with each of these meals

2. I had most of the items to makes these meals

3. I had the meat to make these meals.

From there I make out my grocery list of what I needed. I also make the girls sandwich bread each week that they take to school and although that’s only 88 cents a week it counts. I also make the hamburger buns thanks to a recipe that my mom gave me. So all of the bread needs are taken care of. So with no further delay after going to the grocery store yesterday this is my receipt.


So as you can see it was 57.32 for two weeks! Amazing. Now next Monday I will go and need to buy another gallon of milk and two more things of eggs but that will be about 10 dollars so 140 a month…not too bad. Oh and just a side note if I didn’t buy valentines for the girls to give out this would have been 9 dollars cheaper 🙂


2 thoughts on “Saving money the smart way

  1. First…i totally wanted chickens so I didn’t have to buy eggs any more however I then learned that SURPRISE snakes rally like to eat eggs….BIG NO WAY on my part so the chickens went out the window. The cow was thought of longer because hello you raise it for a year and then all of us can eat for a year while we raise another one that isn’t fed candy for it’s food….eww. However then the thought went through our head that number 1 they are expensive and two we have no where to put it at the moment so that thought will be continued 🙂 And the bunker….can our house be considered a bunker? I mean we do live in a metal building??? 🙂


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