Sausage Balls :)

Good Morning All 🙂

Well with the game yesterday I had to make our favorite snacks which are sausage balls. We all love these tasty little things but of course they have a TON of cheese in them so we don’t do them as often as we use to due to the whole lactose intolerance thing 😦  These could not get any easier and I got the recipe from all recipes ten years ago.


  1. 6 cups bisquick
  2. 2 lbs sausage one mild and one hot
  3. 2 lbs sharp cheddar (recipe calls for 1 sharp and 1 mild but I LOVE sharp cheese)

Mix all of these together, I do this in my kitchen aid adding the meat first and slowly adding the other two to get it mixed well. You can also do this by hand and it takes a while but soooo worth it. You are going to roll the balls and place them on a non stick cookie sheet.


Once you roll the balls you bake them in a preheated oven at 300 for 25-30 minutes. They expand a little but not too much so you should leave about half an inch between then so they don’t stick together while baking.


These are so good and they make a ton. They are great for parties and one year a guest of ours put blended cranberries as a dip on them. It was really good and that is easy also. Just buy the canned cranberry sauce that everyone uses at thanksgiving give it a quick blend with a blender or food processor and use it as a dip.





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