Baking soda no poo

Ok so I decided to try the no poo hair solution. First of all I have been battling my hair for most of my life. It is straight has no body and usually decided to have a random curl that throws me off completely.  So while I was reading information I came across the no poo solution. This sounded like a great idea to save money and of course not put a lit of stripping agents into your hair and scalp. So i gave it a try which is 1 tbl baking soda and cup of water in a a spray bottle. I tried this for 6 weeks to give it a good try. at first my hair felt smoother and I didn’t need conditioner because it brushed through so easily. They warn you that for a week or so you will have oily hair because your natural oils are trying to get back into your hair. I worked through this in a bout 4 days and was so happy when it was over. Then suddenly I started having problems with static…..I mean standing on end nothing you can do about it static. This was so embarrassing, I would go out in public and all of a sudden my hair wont go down. Here is where i decide that my problem is that conditioner usually keeps this under control. So I start using leave in conditioner….ummm it kind of worked but the problem was here I was using the stuff I didn’t want on my hair to begin with just to keep it from standing on end and it was weighing down my already thin flat hair…really not good. So I failed….I went back to my shampoo and I haven’t looked back. Some things just aren’t worth it when you are trying to save money and we all know that right. Now that I have gone back to my shampoo I am in love with my usual hair that stays in place, has a little volume and does not stand on end. 🙂 If you did this and it worked more power to you.

As always enjoy 🙂

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