Usefull information on money

I was recently speaking to my Aunt and I was giving her information about making easy money without going to work. I know everyone is looking up how to make money at home, and while these things help they do not make a paycheck just help. SO without further delay.

My new favorite app.

Checkout 51- This is an app for your phone. Each week they have certain coupons and if you but them you just need to bring up with app, check the ones your bought and upload your receipt. When your account reaches 20 dollars you get a check in the mail. I only buy the ones that are on my list to begin with so that I am not spending more than I planned to.

Amazon Mechanical Turk- Amazon has a place where you can go online and work. The jobs range from free to 90.00 (Highest i have seen). You go on and do the jobs you want to do. My goal is 10.00 a day to make 300 a month for extra income. You have an account that builds up money and as soon as your 10 days waiting time is up you can withdraw that money and transfer it into your checking account.

Swagbucks- This is a website where you can shop, watch, answer surveys, do small tasks and play games and as you do these things you earn points. The more points you have the more you can get with those points. Because I have a pay pal account I plan to exchange my points for a 25 dollar pay pal card. You deposit that to your pay pal account and then move it to your checking account. There are other kinds of gift cards on there, check it out.

Just as a bonus I also love goodreads and try to share that knowledge as much as possible, If you love books go onto goodreads. This site has every book I have ever heard of I can keep track of what book I am reading, how far I am into the book and review it when I am done. If that isn’t enough there are also giveaways! Yep that’s right ladies and gent’s they give away books. Now i probably entered 1000 giveaways last year and most of those I lost but I won 40! That’s 40 books I did not have to buy and all they ask is that you review the book when you are done. Sometimes you will also get a book that the Author signed or wrote you a special little note. I have ten of these. If the author really likes your review they will put you on the waiting list for their next one and guess what…yep you get that book for free also. LOVE LOVE LOVE his site.

Online book This site if you are a book lover (eventually) will pay you for reviewing books. The main thing with this one is you have to build your profile up. When you sign up you have a 3 day waiting period before you can make your profile, during this time you can contribute to the blog and forum so that you are earning credit. After a week of waiting after you have joined the group that reviews the book you will start being able to choose the books that you want to review. I am still in this waiting period….the more you contribute the forum though the faster your supposed to be able to review books….I might need an update on this one πŸ™‚

As always ENJOY πŸ™‚


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