Popsicles make everything better.

I recently started watching a little boy who is 16 months. He is the sweetest thing you have ever seen…aside from my own that is 🙂 I realize that when your little ones are teething it is just so easy to give them Tylenol or anything that numbs the gums that you can buy over the counter in order to ease their pain. Let me just say this…. a Popsicle goes a long way.  My poor little guy would not eat today I felt so bad for him so I whipped out a popsicle and bam gums are numb and he is eating like crazy. They never want teething rings.none of them ever like them. I bought I dont know how many I bought and how many of those went in the trash because the girls didn’t like them. Save your money and buy cheep popsicle, they will like it, the pain subsides, and they will eat after that. Chalk it up to lessons learned 8 years too late 🙂 As always enjoy.


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