AHHHH Spring

Spring is here and the blossoms on all of the trees are blooming. In staying with the natural writing of my blog guess what I just bought….Blueberry tree, blackberry vines and raspberry vines. I am so excited, I just cant wait to harvest all my fruit so that I can make jams…too bad I have to wait but the point is I wont have to buy these things from the grocery store. When all of my plants FINALLY produce I will have apples, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and….maybe oranges and avocados but I am pretty sure that the colder than normal winter killed those two off 😦 Oh well we will figure it out. Out of all my plants if I only lost four this year I am thankful. Get outside and garden grow your own fruits and vegetables, yes its a lot of work but you would not believe how amazing all of the fresh food tastes. So much better than the super markets. 🙂 Here’s to being productive.



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