ideas from Pinterest :)

Lately I have been sitting at my sewing machine busily sewing away! Everyone in our house is either wearing pants out or growing out of them! So I got the great idea to use the jeans for crafting instead of throwing them away…I have also started taking jeans in from family members. My idea? A reversible puff blue jean and fabric king size quilt. I love it. I only have three rows done right now but it is coming along between working in the garden, cleaning house, taking care of the girls and doing the quilt it is coming along :).


We are also eventually going to redo our bathroom. I hate buying bathroom mats i think they are either too big or too small for your bathroom! I saw this pin one day there the lady had braided cut up pieces of three towels and sewn them together…what a good idea. Not only could you control the colors but make it the size you wanted and it came out looking pretty cool.

So that what has been going on at my house. Now go get inspired 🙂


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