Teacher Appreciation

I love teacher appreciation week. I think that every teacher needs to be thanked when they do something great for your child. It is so hard for people to understand how hard our teachers work. A lot of teachers ask for school supplies when it is teacher appreciation week but I just cant do it. These people work 9 months out of the year with your child and are with them more than you during the school year….well unless you count sleeping time 😦 So here’s what im doing and I hope others do as well and get inspired by something. I wrote a thank you note one from the heart to each teacher, I made a orange sugar scrub, bought a crystal nail file, bought large candles, and made them my favorite thing (rice bags-see other post for rice bag information). I believe that our teachers need to be thanked and our teachers need to be pampered. Now i have told my husband that some day we will for certain get a teacher that we just don’t like…at that time I might change my opinion but so far we have had amazing teachers who work with our girls and take time to learn who every student is and we could not ask for more. So thank your teachers for all they do and show your appreciation to them 🙂

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