Daily struggles

I sit and watch people go through life with the natural rush of every day. Hurry up and get up, hurry up and eat hurry up and get your kids of the bus and so on and so on. We are rushing through life so much that we forget to enjoy it. Along with the rushing of life we also begin to get stressed out and decide that the right thing to do is to sit and argue with the ones we love over miniscule things that wont matter a week from now much less five minutes from now. So here’s to slowing down when you can, enjoying life when you can and having fun instead of worrying about where you are supposed to be at next.

I understand people have places to go and things to do but on your way to those things look up and enjoy the view, just relax. I think as a society people have forgotten how to do that. We get wrapped up in ourselves so much that we are worried about everything that goes on in our lives and we dramatize it so much to where we work our selves up in a way that is not only bothersome but also unhealthy. There are people who are in their thirties who are having MAJOR heart attacks and dieing immediately because of unnatural stresses we put on ourselves. Think back to the good old days where grandma and grandpa worked their land. They got up at the crack of dawn, fed all their animals and milked their cow for the daily milk. They went out and they picked fresh vegetables for their dinner and canned what they could not use. After they were done for the day they enjoyed each other. There is a reason they call them the good old day’s . People laughed around the dinner table and loved each other till death. If they argued it was over something of substance and not something stupid that didn’t matter.

I am merely writing today to reach out and beg people to begin to enjoy life and realize all the beauty that the world holds right in front of them. For instance we went out on the lake fishing a while back. I loved it, I was relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. I watched the ducks take off and land on the water and listened to the water lap on the side of the boat. When we left I was in a relaxed state…..my husband was upset because he didn’t catch as much fish as he wanted. Now granted that fish would have filled our freezer with good food. But there is a point where you need to find something in your day to enjoy. πŸ™‚ Go out and enjoy the view.



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