Moon Sand

For those of you who are looking for things to do with little ones I have a new thing. I figure a lot of you have heard about moon sand but I haven’t so I am passing it on. This is a great idea for a day when you want to get outside but the little one is too small to enjoy the playground. Take a bucket and mix 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of melted coconut oil. This can also be halved but I wanted to let him go crazy. The little guy I watch is 18 months old. This is like sand but will form into objects if they feel like forming it. They love squishing it between their fingers and just getting dirty. Like sand and flour it does stick to your hands and clothes so that would have to be the only down fall. It kept my little guy busy for about 30 minutes and when you are trying to get them away from a TV and into something this is perfect. I also have a bubble blowing machine that I picked up from walgreens for 10 dollars. These keep him entertained for hours and it is great for a sensory game. Good luck and as always Enjoy 🙂



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