Cherry-Pineapple-Squash Jam

Well the time has begun where we have squash coming out of the garden like you would not believe. This started with the thought of there has to be something I can do with squash and zucchini because it is coming out of ears. I make zucchini bread and squash bread that i started last year. While I love these recipes i decided that sense I was running out of jelly and I know you can make apple pies and sweet breads from the vegetables you should be able to make jelly so the search began. I searched high and low for recipes for jelly and jam with summer squash and zucchini and I wanted to have the items in my house so that I could try them now and not go out and buy the stuff for them so that I could make them later. Well I finally found a recipe with the yellow squash, 6 cups yellow squash, 1 cup of water (boil 6 minutes) add, 2 tbl lemon, 6 cups sugar, 1 can crushed drained pineapple, (boil 6 minutes) add 2 boxes 3 oz jello (i used cherry) boil another 6 minutes. So easy…well other than shredding the six cups of squash and it was pretty quick. As far as canning them goes you can it just like anything else but if you have not canned i will explain the process. Boil jars for 15 minutes in water make sure it covers the jars completely. Boil the canning lids. After your jars are processed pour the water out of the jars fill with the liquid one at a time, place the processed lids on top and screw the band on the jar just to where it stops without pressure. set aside until you hear the lid pop and then tighten the bands when it cools down. This recipe was amazing, easy and it looks gorgeous, I think this is one of those recipes that you could give as gifts.


Update: I just tried this recipe with Peach Jello and Mandarin oranges with the shredded squash. It is amazing! Don’t be afraid to try different flavors.


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