Thoughts on being a good person.

I heard someone random say on TV the other day that people remember the person you were not the looks you carried around with you. I love all of my friends for the people they are, the lives they lead and the things they do for others. It is important to me that people think of me in a good light. I try to be a good person and do for others and for my family. I find myself doing things others would not approve of (like not speaking to my mother for 13 years now) but I do that to protect me and my girls. The people I call family are people who are good to us, people who do not beat others down and someone you don’t fear is nice to your face and then goes and bad mouths you behind your back. Why am I writing all of this down for my friends to read….nothing more than inspiration to be honest. I feel like people get a rush and get around others that speak badly about people and they fall into this unfavorable spot where they don’t voice their opinion. I’m am by no means stating that I am perfect but there is a saying from someone I have no idea but it says basically be nice to others because you have no idea what kinds of battles they are fighting. I try daily to make sure my children are not people who put others down…I know at some point they will and we will have to talk about it but I feel that if I am not that type of person hopefully they wont be. Anyway there are my thoughts on life for the night. Be the type of person someone tells others is a good person. Be the beauty in life and not the ugly.



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