Thoughts on watching little ones.

I have a little guy that I watch two days a week and the longer I watch him the more I have these thoughts that pop in my head. For instance if you don’t love the child you are watching for someone you don’t need to be watching that child! If you don’t respect the people who are parenting that child and the way they are parenting him or her it isn’t going to work out. When you are caring for a little one who is not your own they need love and care and teaching that you give your own and if you are out only for the paycheck you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Why do I have these thoughts and feelings…well to start with because I worked for a day care that will not be mentioned for six months. While the children were cared for they were not loved. They were watched until their parents came to pick them up and if you showed love to any of them you were playing favorites. It really is a sad environment. Now that I have my little guy twice a week who was by the way my favorite I could not imagine watching any other child because I would have to find another well behaved child, and parents who actually parented their kids. Surprise Surprise that doesn’t happen anymore. This is nothing more than rants of an ex child care worker but it really is important that if you do have someone watching your child that they love him or her. šŸ™‚


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