Thoughts on Marriage and love

I find myself being a bit thoughtful tonight and sometimes this happens often but I find it difficult to watch others go through life and marriage and forget the little things that make each other happy. Steve and I have been married for almost 13 years. We are happy, we have arguments, we compromise, we talk, we love each other and at the end of the day we rely on each other for everything. It’s so easy to get comfortable in your every day life and forget to tell people how you feel about them, and to take people for granted. How often do you walk out the door in the morning and not kiss your spouse or significant other good bye or go to bed without saying goodnight. Why is it so easy to forget to tell the other person how you feel about them and so hard to show your feelings. Wouldn’t you think that the other person in the relationship wants to know how you feel about them? There are so many people yelling and arguing and throwing put downs at each other that they forget to hold on to each other and say I love you. So why am I writing this? Well because I think the majority of people who are thinking about divorce are just there because they forgot to continue to work on their marriage. It’s just like friendship if one person stops talking to the other one it is going to fall apart much less if both people do it. Reach out to your significant other, friends and family and show the people you love that you do in fact love them and make sure that they know they are respected for the person they are. Ok there you go, there is my rant for the day and hopefully I have opened someones eyes 🙂


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