Pet peeve for the day

Ok here goes and I am sure people are going to be upset after reading this one but it has to be said. I love Pinterest as much as the next guy, heck just finding recipes makes me happy. SO here is my thing, I love finding things that I can make for my family that is homemade and doesn’t have all the preservatives in it and extra chemicals that our food should not have in it to begin with. SO when i log on to Pinterest and see a wonderful recipe that looks delicious and has homemade written in the title I just can’t wait to click on it. So lets be clear, if you are writing a recipe and calling it homemade it should not begin with “Open a can of” it is not homemade if you are opening a can of store bought crap! It’s not homemade monkey bread if you start out by opening a can of pre-made rolls. if you make the dough then it is homemade. Thank you that is all for my rant today. As always enjoy 🙂


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