Ok I recently bought a juicer. I have a daughter who catches EVERYTHING! Two weeks into school she had Walking Pneumonia. Something needed to be done, so here is what I decided. Organic fruits (from the store because our trees aren’t producing yet) and of course all the veggies are from the garden. The last thing we need is to pump a while bunch of crap into the girls when I am trying to fix a problem like health to begin with. So here we go the first couple of days I was throwing everything into this juicer. The amazing thing was no matter what I threw in it the girls were drinking it and loving it. And then I got sick….it’s the normal allergy season at our house and this was just one of those days…but for me it usually lasts about a week or two. My tonsils were swollen, I couldn’t breath I felt horrible. So here we were juicing and I was loving the way it tasted….two days later I felt like a human being again. I continued to blow my nose like crazy but I felt good and I am blaming it all on the juicing. The only bad thing about it is how much you have to scrub to get the juicer clean! Oh well. The health benefits out-way that one. So here’s what I juiced and loved.

Carrots with Mango and apples….yummy!!!!!curvy-carrot-juice

Cucumbers with apples and oranges πŸ™‚ this one made more because of all of the water the cucumbers have in it.

Love it as always enjoy πŸ™‚


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