Oh the joy’s

With a new school year comes new children. Oh they still look like your children but they change let me tell ya. Lately I feel like I have been decoding my youngest. For the first three weeks of school my poor baby came home sad saying she had no friends and had a horrible day. This is odd because this is my little social butterfly and to say that she has no friends and a horrible day is just not right. So after it ran longer than I thought it should I wrote to her teacher. Her teacher said she agreed with me she is very social so she wasn’t sure what was going on. After a day or so I get an e-mail back saying that nobody was being rude or mean to her but they were ignoring her…..well because she was trying to talk to them when it was quiet time and they didn’t want to get into trouble with her. So we sat her down and talked about having proper times to talk and how she can use recess and other certain times to jack her jaws. For two days this seemed to work great! She was a different girl. She came home happy, didn’t complain about anything and didn’t get into trouble at all. Today my sweet little girl waited until the quietest time of the day, blew up her plastic snack bag and popped it. Of course she was rewarded to 20 little bodies giggling at her so now she has been promoted to class clown in the first grade. I have thoughts of the next 11 years of my phone or email going off daily to the effect of “so you know what your daughter did in class today”. Ahh to enjoy the ride this little one takes us on. Wish me luck and as always enjoy 😉



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