Cough Syrup Tea


Well we are once upon a season where everyone is coughing! So far this season Steve has been sick for going on a week and a half now. Cameron has had walking Pneumonia and Hayleigh has had a random fever with no other happenings. So what do I do? I start pumping people with vitamin C and making sure I do everything that I can in order to avoid illness. While reading up on things today I found a recipe. This recipe is basically a Lemon Ginger Honey cough syrup that you put into a cup of boiling water. This makes a tea with natural ingredients that should help you fight off coughs and illness. So slice a lemon thinly, a ginger root thinly and pour honey on top of it. This can go into a mason jar. Place the lid on it and leave it alone for 24 hours. Once that time is over put 1 tablespoon of the syrup into boiling water and drink. You can also drink this every night for allergies. This is not a medicine it is using natural ingredients and vitamins to improve your health. So I set aside 5 minutes and made this today. I can’t wait to see if this helps Steve out more than anyone. I have never seen him cough so hard and I am ready for him to be healthy now :). Finger’s crossed and as always Enjoy!


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