Hot cocoa mix

I don’t know about you but everyone around here loves hot chocolate during the colder months. While we are going through a heat wave and hoping that it will turn cold soon I ran across this little tid bit, you can make your own hot chocolate mix…duh. SO last week we ran out and I stupidly went to the store and spend 3.00 on twelve packets of hot chocolate mix. While searching on Pinterest if found this site,, where she tells you how to make this mix. It is so simple I thought I was going to do the Homer Simpson DOH! All you do is mix 1 cup cocoa and 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Mix it together well and when you want a cup of hot chocolate you warm up one cup of milk and mix in 1 tsp of your mix. Done and you didn’t spend 3 bucks on it like I did!



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