Cupcake and cupcake cakes

Good morning Liberty hill friends,

I know most of the time I am on here telling you how to do something great…this time not so much. It is Halloween time again and I know a lot of the teachers like to do small things with their classes on that day. I am making a ghost cupcake cake and a pumpkin cupcake cake and can also make a few other things as well. If anyone want’s to take a treat for their class I can make them. It’s 10 dollars per cake/ cupcake cakes and all I need to know is how many students are in the class and what you want me to make. Also I do not use boxed cake or icing everything is homemade.  I can also do other things just ask or tell me what you are thinking and we can come up with something. Remember to ask your teachers if they can have treats that day. I also do Birthday cakes, cupcake cakes and  individual cupcake orders. As always enjoy 🙂

If you want to order something I need your orders by Monday October 27th. You can respond on Facebook or email be at

pumpkin cupcake cake Ghost cupcake cakeRip cupcakes Spider cupcakes


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