New Projects


I love finding a new thing that I can make my own and do for others. In saying that this year my new thing is wood burning. I am just loving it and as I was practicing we took pics with our Soccer team and I made Hayleigh this Plaque. I was so proud of myself and just couldn’t contain my excitement over the possibilities. I can’t post my other projects because some of the people who are getting them for Christmas will see it ;). So I bought a simple wood burning kit and it was 20 bucks…you can get it cheaper for around 10 bucks but I bought the kit that sent you two things of wood, colored pencils and some instructions. I then went online and found all of the things I wanted to put on the Soccer plaque, Printed it out and then used transfer paper and outlined it. After lots of time going over all of my lines this is what I ended up with. I absolutely love it. So find a new thing and surprise people for Christmas. Or have me do it hahahah. As always Enjoy and get out there and find a new hobby to enjoy and surprise people by giving them a home made gift that means something to them.


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