Neptune science project Paper mache

Hayleigh had a project to do Neptune any way she could figure out. So after looking at pinterest and feeling like i could do anything we decided to tackle paper mache….which I have never done.

So we blew up a balloon and mixed up paper mache liquid.

Paper Mache paste recipe:  Mix 1/2 cup flour and 3/4 cups water. 1/4 tbs. salt for mold prevention and/or 2 tbs. white glue for strength which is optional but we did it.

Then we dipped paper into this liquid and placed it on the balloon.


Then because I had never done this before we waited…and waited…and waited….seriously why does nobody tell you paper mache takes so long to dry. You have to wait to do a next layer until the first one dries… fast forward. IMG_9335

We got all of the layers done and made sure the entire thing was really dry and hard. Then we poked a hole into the paper mache and popped the balloon that was inside of it…it made the best sound and I really wish that I got a picture of Hayleigh’s face when we did it. From there we took 2 days to paint it so that our colors would not run and combine.

IMG_9336 IMG_9340

Once it was painted and dried we cut the top of a gallon sized ice cream bucket around the ring and spray painted it silver for the ring on Neptune which consists of small dust particles and rocks.We placed that around our Neptune ball and connected it with hot glue and toothpicks. The we took one of my cake boards spray painted it black and Hayleigh added white and yellow stars….ta da you have Neptune!


This took us two weeks! After we were done Hayleigh told me about the other kids projects….one kid brought a bouncy ball…..Nothing like feeling like an overachiever on a 3rd graders project…Oh well we had fun. 🙂


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