Sunrise Wanton’s

Well I had a great idea for breakfast this morning. I had some wanton wrappers on hand and thought I might try doing a breakfast thing with them. So in a hot cast iron skillet. I cooked 6 eggs (scrambled) 3 pieces of bacon then chopped into small pieces, 1 avocado chopped up, and 1/3 cup of my homemade salsa. I then threw all of this into a bowl and mixed it all together to make the filling of the wantons.


From there I separated my wanton’s so that I could fill them easily and quickly.  I took 1 teaspoon of filling and placed it into the center of the wanton.


Wet all four sides of the wantons with water. I use a brush so I can do it quickly. Then pull all four corners together at the top and seal the open sides to seal in the goodies.


Once that was done I sprayed them with liquid butter so that they got a glazed look to them when they were done cooking and placed them in the oven that was preheated at 425 for 12 minutes. Three out of four of us really enjoyed them. I put extra hot sauce and salt on mine just for some extra flavor. You can also add cheese but with all of us being lactose intolerant I try to stay clear. This will re-warm in the microwave in about 30 seconds and they can also be frozen for another time. I made about 30 of them and had some filling left over and we just threw that in a tortilla and ate it so that nothing would go to waste. As always enjoy 🙂



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