New and not so improved


I have been gone awhile and really feel bad for that but for the record things have been going on….. First and the biggest is the fact that I have been put on a new diet. Because of new happenings with my body as I have been saying I am on a no dairy no soy no fun diet now. After reading ingredients on EVERYTHING i have decided the only things I could eat were fresh. This popped my naturally ” i am always ready to bake” bubble. After listening to the doc and cutting out a few things i was still in pain so I decided to put myself on a FODMAP diet. It seemed really easy at first until I realized that also meant giving up gluten. So here we are no dairy, no soy , no gluten, no chocolate and no alcohol. Like I said before no fun diet.

After I finished my pity party I decided it was time to man up. People have been having this problem recently and now is the best time to start having it considering all of the alternatives there are in the world. So here it is….my page is changing from look at all the things you can make lactose free to lets see what I can make that fits in a no fun diet. 🙂

It’s bound to get interesting. Just hang in there while I figure out how to teach myself to cook all over again haha.

As always enjoy.


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