All The Lost Souls

All The Lost Souls

This was my first book that I sat down and wrote. It took quite a while to get the idea put down on paper/computer and I self published with createspace through amazon. I edited edited and edited some more before i handed it over to a few of my friends to edit it for me and tell me what they thought. I was so nervous to hand that book over to friends, scared of what they might think when they read it and worried it wasn’t as good as i hoped it was. For the most part I have had outstanding reviews and i absolutely love hearing from people who have read it and have questions! I left this book open at the end in order to write a follow up.

All the Lost Souls has been up for sale on Amazon for over a year and I am currently working on the second book called All the Lost Answers. So many unanswered questions from book 1 will be answered soon! While I still have a bit to write (and then the editing quest will begin) I can not wait for people to read the second one and tell me what they think of my two books as a whole.

The thing is with writing this book, this blog, crocheting, wood burning, taking care of my house and family I sometimes wonder how much I am going to try to do in my lifetime. Does it ever feel like you are being pulled in twenty different directions and the only person who is causing it is yourself? I wish I could say that I didn’t enjoy one of these many hobbies I have taken on so that I could easily step away from it and Master 1 thing but I love them. I am have multiple pots boiling all at once and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

So what do I hope to achieve by writing the books? I just like telling a story. I like entertaining and more than anything I like making people smile. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be a people pleaser or anything but I do enjoy being a part of someones day that makes them smile. I feel that more people need to go through their day trying not to be the bad part in someones day. Maybe if a few more did this it would be a better world. So while I try to take on the world by doing everything possible what will you try?



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