Way too busy

Phew….this has been a crazy time. For someone who just works at home making cute little diy things, has kids and cleans….i sure have been busy. Probably doesn’t help that it’s the end of the school year and things always get crazy around the end of the year. I have been getting orders done here and there and have recently finished my second book…..currently being edited….this is the worst part lol.


This first project was a baby car set cover. She wanted one that had sheep on it! Ask and I will do it.


This little guy is the cover to my second book! I am so excited.

all the lost answers

A few friends and I are getting together and working on Baby shower gift baskets. This is a work in progress needless to say. They are going to be able to be custom ordered with items from 4 of us.

We have one girl who makes the softest blankets, burp rags and she is working on a few new items.

Another makes personalized onsies and funny shelf sitters.

Another friend sells young living items that are chemical free baby items.

Lastly me. I work on all the crochet items. Pictured is my baby teether toy, stuffed animal and basket.

There are going to be so many things for you to choose from to make your basket one of a kind I just can’t wait to show all of you! Stay tuned or contact me today with any questions you have.

These are not up for sale yet but we can begin to take orders. These will be made to order so make sure you give us a few weeks notice.



My name frames. These I absolutely love. The frame on the right I bought and added the name and the frame on the left I made. These were both a special order from a friend. Thank you to all who support RainyDayComforts on Etsy and Facebook


This is yet another Order!!! I am currently working on a bulk order for Christmas. Yep you heard right. 6 different stuffed animals for all 6 grand babies. This one is number 2 of 6. I can’t wait to get these all done and delivered.


Finally, this was a little something i felt my bathroom needed. I got so tired of seeing that ugly tissue box in my bathroom and honestly I HATE those tissue box covers. So here we are.


I am done….we writing for the moment. With so much going on sometimes I feel like I am non-stop while other times I feel like all I do is sit around all day. Any other stay at home moms feel that way? The good news….i got most of my house scrubbed this week, and all of these projects done. The other news….haven’t figured out if its good or bad….the girls will be out of school soon and we will be even busier!


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