Neptune science project Paper mache

Hayleigh had a project to do Neptune any way she could figure out. So after looking at pinterest and feeling like i could do anything we decided to tackle paper mache….which I have never done.

So we blew up a balloon and mixed up paper mache liquid.

Paper Mache paste recipe:  Mix 1/2 cup flour and 3/4 cups water. 1/4 tbs. salt for mold prevention and/or 2 tbs. white glue for strength which is optional but we did it.

Then we dipped paper into this liquid and placed it on the balloon.


Then because I had never done this before we waited…and waited…and waited….seriously why does nobody tell you paper mache takes so long to dry. You have to wait to do a next layer until the first one dries… fast forward. IMG_9335

We got all of the layers done and made sure the entire thing was really dry and hard. Then we poked a hole into the paper mache and popped the balloon that was inside of it…it made the best sound and I really wish that I got a picture of Hayleigh’s face when we did it. From there we took 2 days to paint it so that our colors would not run and combine.

IMG_9336 IMG_9340

Once it was painted and dried we cut the top of a gallon sized ice cream bucket around the ring and spray painted it silver for the ring on Neptune which consists of small dust particles and rocks.We placed that around our Neptune ball and connected it with hot glue and toothpicks. The we took one of my cake boards spray painted it black and Hayleigh added white and yellow stars….ta da you have Neptune!


This took us two weeks! After we were done Hayleigh told me about the other kids projects….one kid brought a bouncy ball…..Nothing like feeling like an overachiever on a 3rd graders project…Oh well we had fun. 🙂


Whew! December is over :)

Happy new year….a week late. 😦 Let me start by saying I love December but I am so happy it is over. With Three Birthdays, and Anniversary and Christmas we are all just done in my house. I feel like once January starts we all take a month off to recover. I realize it has been awhile sense my last post so I figured I would fill everyone in on our December.

So to start off our December we made our yearly sugar cookies. The girls love making these and just cant get enough…my dad can’t either 🙂 Everyone has fun, there is always a huge mess but there are memories made.


Once we were done with cookies that afternoon my oldest was in a parade so it was time to get dressed and fix our outfit for soccer so that we could watch the parade. Our town puts on a wonderful parade that they just started 2 years ago and it was great. I swear almost all of the school aged kids are in it for one thing or another.


The next week end was my youngest’s birthday and she wanted a Maleficent cake…so I worked my best on a thorn wall and got sleeping beauty and Maleficent on her cake… was a hit and they loved eating the chocolate wall. IMG_9000 IMG_9001

Then we were headed to Oklahoma to visit grandparents and fish at the pond. Our Anniverssary passed while we were there but we decided to celebrate after we got home 🙂


We then headed back home to Texas and I did my last minute finishes on my wood burning projects that needed to be done by Christmas, and BOOM Christmas day was here and we had way to many gifts like usual 🙂 IMG_9232

In the middle of all of the Christmas activities we had to do a science experiment for my oldest science fair project. IMG_9273

Finally to round of December we had yet another maleficent birthday party for my oldest.  IMG_9284 IMG_9305

When all of these things were done I was exhausted hence just getting back to my blog more than a week after January started. But in order to not just glaze over our Anniversary we went out New Years eve and had an amazing dinner in Austin and went to see a movie…..yep that’s right we brought in the new year watching a movie at an actual theater. I can’t tell you when the last time just my husband and I went to a movie but we did it new years eve and we loved it. So Goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015…I know i’m late but i was sleeping!

New Projects


I love finding a new thing that I can make my own and do for others. In saying that this year my new thing is wood burning. I am just loving it and as I was practicing we took pics with our Soccer team and I made Hayleigh this Plaque. I was so proud of myself and just couldn’t contain my excitement over the possibilities. I can’t post my other projects because some of the people who are getting them for Christmas will see it ;). So I bought a simple wood burning kit and it was 20 bucks…you can get it cheaper for around 10 bucks but I bought the kit that sent you two things of wood, colored pencils and some instructions. I then went online and found all of the things I wanted to put on the Soccer plaque, Printed it out and then used transfer paper and outlined it. After lots of time going over all of my lines this is what I ended up with. I absolutely love it. So find a new thing and surprise people for Christmas. Or have me do it hahahah. As always Enjoy and get out there and find a new hobby to enjoy and surprise people by giving them a home made gift that means something to them.

4th of July shirt

Ok this was a fun project. I had a blast with my girls who are home from school for summer break and waited for a day when I had my little guy I watch with us also. I bought three white shirts at Hobby Lobby for 2.49 each. Some fabric paint (blue and red). I had each child paint their hand blue and put a hand print on the top left hand side of the shirt and taped off the lines for the stripes. We painted in between the taped off parts, waited for it to dry then peeled off the tape. After that I added small stars to the shirt and the year. It was so easy it only took 25 minutes for children aged, 8, 6 and 2 to do. Plus I get the aw factor from the Little guys parents when they pick him up and we have done something artistic 🙂

4th of july shirt

Moon Sand

For those of you who are looking for things to do with little ones I have a new thing. I figure a lot of you have heard about moon sand but I haven’t so I am passing it on. This is a great idea for a day when you want to get outside but the little one is too small to enjoy the playground. Take a bucket and mix 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of melted coconut oil. This can also be halved but I wanted to let him go crazy. The little guy I watch is 18 months old. This is like sand but will form into objects if they feel like forming it. They love squishing it between their fingers and just getting dirty. Like sand and flour it does stick to your hands and clothes so that would have to be the only down fall. It kept my little guy busy for about 30 minutes and when you are trying to get them away from a TV and into something this is perfect. I also have a bubble blowing machine that I picked up from walgreens for 10 dollars. These keep him entertained for hours and it is great for a sensory game. Good luck and as always Enjoy 🙂


Teacher Appreciation

I love teacher appreciation week. I think that every teacher needs to be thanked when they do something great for your child. It is so hard for people to understand how hard our teachers work. A lot of teachers ask for school supplies when it is teacher appreciation week but I just cant do it. These people work 9 months out of the year with your child and are with them more than you during the school year….well unless you count sleeping time 😦 So here’s what im doing and I hope others do as well and get inspired by something. I wrote a thank you note one from the heart to each teacher, I made a orange sugar scrub, bought a crystal nail file, bought large candles, and made them my favorite thing (rice bags-see other post for rice bag information). I believe that our teachers need to be thanked and our teachers need to be pampered. Now i have told my husband that some day we will for certain get a teacher that we just don’t like…at that time I might change my opinion but so far we have had amazing teachers who work with our girls and take time to learn who every student is and we could not ask for more. So thank your teachers for all they do and show your appreciation to them 🙂

Image Image

Rice bags

A few years ago my mom gave me a bag made out of fabric with hard corn kernels. You put this bag in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes and use it on sore muscles, sinuses, stiff neck or you can just warm cold feet. I am in the middle of making two teacher appreciation gift baskets and I decided my girls teachers needed to be pampered a little bit. So I decided to make two of these bags but I used rice instead of corn kernels, not for any reason in particular it’s just easier to buy.  I took extra fabric that I had and made them long enough to wrap the back of the neck sewed up three sides and left a small opening, funneled the rice into the bag and sewed it up. I love these, they are so simple and I use mine all the time. I am also thinking about making them for Christmas presents this year, it is easy, fast and cheap but worth it because of the benefits. As always ENJOY 🙂 Image