Body Wash

Ok well we have tried a few different kinds of body wash that just didn’t work. It would either not lather, feel like it didn’t clean, made my bath tub slippery or all of the above. Today I made another one that I found online and tweaked a little bit. It lathered like you wouldn’t believe and it doesn’t have coconut oil in it so the shower isn’t slippery afterword either. Well here it is,


13.5 oz coconut milk

1 1/3 cup Dr Bronner’s almond Castile soap

4 tsp vitamin E oil

4 tsp Glycerineย  (for suds)

Place all of these items into a container with a secure lid and shake it up. That’s all! I was so happy with this recipe mainly because of the suds ๐Ÿ™‚ As always enjoy.



Anti Itch cream! So much better than hydrocortazone

Ok so at least 4 times a year I break out in itchy watery bumps that drive me up the wall. We use to put Eucalyptus oil on my daughters excema in order to help it out. So today when I was going crazy not itching I thought what on earth can I use on m y skin to relieve the itch and not claw up my arms. Let me tell you Hydrocortazone does not work Benadryl cream does not work and the steroid cream does not work. And if they do it works for maybe 20 minutes then you cant use anything for 4 hours. SO here is what I did, 1 teaspoon Eucalyptus and a tablespoon of coconut oil. There is a little tingling but other than that Im not wanting to claw my skin off. Here’s hoping you don’t need this but if you do I hope it helps you also. Goodluck and as always Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Baking soda no poo

Ok so I decided to try the no poo hair solution. First of all I have been battling my hair for most of my life. It is straight has no body and usually decided to have a random curl that throws me off completely.ย  So while I was reading information I came across the no poo solution. This sounded like a great idea to save money and of course not put a lit of stripping agents into your hair and scalp. So i gave it a try which is 1 tbl baking soda and cup of water in a a spray bottle. I tried this for 6 weeks to give it a good try. at first my hair felt smoother and I didn’t need conditioner because it brushed through so easily. They warn you that for a week or so you will have oily hair because your natural oils are trying to get back into your hair. I worked through this in a bout 4 days and was so happy when it was over. Then suddenly I started having problems with static…..I mean standing on end nothing you can do about it static. This was so embarrassing, I would go out in public and all of a sudden my hair wont go down. Here is where i decide that my problem is that conditioner usually keeps this under control. So I start using leave in conditioner….ummm it kind of worked but the problem was here I was using the stuff I didn’t want on my hair to begin with just to keep it from standing on end and it was weighing down my already thin flat hair…really not good. So I failed….I went back to my shampoo and I haven’t looked back. Some things just aren’t worth it when you are trying to save money and we all know that right. Now that I have gone back to my shampoo I am in love with my usual hair that stays in place, has a little volume and does not stand on end. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you did this and it worked more power to you.

As always enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


My girls and I have straight hair and I am always curling their hair for some kind of thing at school. Last night while on PINTEREST (Surprise surprise right) I stumbled on a lady who put her little girls hair into little bantu knots over night and in the morning took them out and had the prettiest curls you had ever seen and sense the hair dried that way well they weren’t going to come out. Sooooo I told the girls to come her and quickly put their hair up in little bantu knots….problem was I twisted it while I was putting them up so when they woke up and I took them out they are frizzy and crazy all over the place.We will try it again tonight because I really think it could work and be pretty…if I did it right. This is suck a good idea and you don’t have rollers in your hair like all of us did when we were little. Those were horrible and the saying that oh they didn’t hurt because they were foam was ridiculous because in the middle and ends it was hard plastic! So while mine was a fail so far we will try again tomorrow night and hopefully I can post gorgeous curls as an update ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy