Daily struggles

I sit and watch people go through life with the natural rush of every day. Hurry up and get up, hurry up and eat hurry up and get your kids of the bus and so on and so on. We are rushing through life so much that we forget to enjoy it. Along with the rushing of life we also begin to get stressed out and decide that the right thing to do is to sit and argue with the ones we love over miniscule things that wont matter a week from now much less five minutes from now. So here’s to slowing down when you can, enjoying life when you can and having fun instead of worrying about where you are supposed to be at next.

I understand people have places to go and things to do but on your way to those things look up and enjoy the view, just relax. I think as a society people have forgotten how to do that. We get wrapped up in ourselves so much that we are worried about everything that goes on in our lives and we dramatize it so much to where we work our selves up in a way that is not only bothersome but also unhealthy. There are people who are in their thirties who are having MAJOR heart attacks and dieing immediately because of unnatural stresses we put on ourselves. Think back to the good old days where grandma and grandpa worked their land. They got up at the crack of dawn, fed all their animals and milked their cow for the daily milk. They went out and they picked fresh vegetables for their dinner and canned what they could not use. After they were done for the day they enjoyed each other. There is a reason they call them the good old day’s . People laughed around the dinner table and loved each other till death. If they argued it was over something of substance and not something stupid that didn’t matter.

I am merely writing today to reach out and beg people to begin to enjoy life and realize all the beauty that the world holds right in front of them. For instance we went out on the lake fishing a while back. I loved it, I was relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. I watched the ducks take off and land on the water and listened to the water lap on the side of the boat. When we left I was in a relaxed state…..my husband was upset because he didn’t catch as much fish as he wanted. Now granted that fish would have filled our freezer with good food. But there is a point where you need to find something in your day to enjoy. 🙂 Go out and enjoy the view.



Sometimes it’s easier to laugh!

I have been watching all of my friends post these adorable pictures of their newborns. I LOVE babies. Anyone who knows me knows this about me. I can’t help myself I have to hold them, cuddle them, feed them and as always I put them to sleep. 🙂 There are things that as a new parent you will learn and you will be embarrassed when it happens to you. For some odd reason I feel that I need to share this with the world and give a few of you some laughs for the day. SO here is goes;

1. Your beautiful little baby girl/boy will at some point in the first couple of months shoot feces all over the wall, carpet, etc. A week after my oldest was born my husband decided to give me a break and change her. Like all first time parents we made sure that we had that amazing changing table that you never use with your second baby. He placed her on the table and took off her dirty diaper and lifted her legs to wipe and she sneezed……the wall was COVERED!!! I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even help him. I felt so bad and yet I couldn’t stop…it’s ok he got me back a few months later.

2. Your child will find a way to spew vomit all over you and leave a cartoon outline of you on the wall as you drip upchuck. Yep this one also happened. I was holding my oldest when she was 4 months old and she had a horrible cold. We both ran to her bedroom as she was choking I picked her up and cleared her throat from all the drainage. I was horrified. She coughed then vomited more than I have ever see come out of someone other than the exorcist movie.  My husband being the ex-baseball player her was tried to catch it….After cleaning himself up I handed her to him and when I turned around there was an outline of me on the wall…..not an exaggeration at all. While he bathed her I bathed me. It was a long night needless to say.

3. The morning you wake up and you realize it is 8 and you didn’t have to get up one time….check on the baby before you celebrate. I woke up one morning celebrating because it was 8 and I actually got to sleep in. I casually go into the bathroom and get dressed and ready for the day because I can’t hear my daughter crying so I am good…..or so I thought. I walked into her room and she was filthy! She had pooped and figured out how to take her diaper off. It was in her hair, all over her bed and she had painted a mural on the wall. From then on if it was quiet I didn’t trust it!

4. There is nothing more that brings a smile to a parents face than holding up their baby about their face and cooing at them…..this is only a smart choice if you have not fed them lately! If you have you run the risk of getting spit up in your mouth. This is one that every parent has done and had done to them, and yet nobody shares this knowledge. It is a rough day when you get spit up formula in your mouth just saying.

5. with my second daughter dinner was not over until she choked on her food. It was like a life saving class every night. It didn’t matter how small the food was how slow she ate no matter what at least one time during dinner she would choke on her food. What did we do, calmly got up cleared her throat and got on with life. There are so many parents that are scared to start feeding heir babies food because they are scared they will choke. This is part of life if you don’t start feeding them solids you are holding them back because of your fears. They have to learn how to eat!

6. If you have an emotional child…..hang in there it does get better. It takes awhile but it gets better with time, understanding and more time. My daughter is smart and because of it things came very easy to her. Unfortunately because of this when we had challenges she would break down and cry. There was no fit throwing or screaming she would just shut down and cry. We had to teach her how to try at things and not get upset when it didn’t work the first time.

There is nothing more fun than raising my two girls, I have been sleep deprived for 8 years, fed up at times, laughing till it hurts, sad for them, heart broken, in love with them…etc. I would not change a thing about the last 8 1/2 years. They are my joy, my fun and my frustration but when you are raising little people it is going to be hard. Many props go out to all the mothers that also work outside of the house and manage their household at the same time. Many props to the stay at home moms like me also who do it everyday for their family. And finally many props to the dads who come home to crying babies, wives and a house that looks like a bomb went off because at some point during that day the moms gave up on cleaning (AGAIN). Enjoy your children they will be out of the house before you know it. In a blink of an eye my girls went from babies to 6 and 8. Laugh at the small things and enjoy them.

AHHHH Spring

Spring is here and the blossoms on all of the trees are blooming. In staying with the natural writing of my blog guess what I just bought….Blueberry tree, blackberry vines and raspberry vines. I am so excited, I just cant wait to harvest all my fruit so that I can make jams…too bad I have to wait but the point is I wont have to buy these things from the grocery store. When all of my plants FINALLY produce I will have apples, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and….maybe oranges and avocados but I am pretty sure that the colder than normal winter killed those two off 😦 Oh well we will figure it out. Out of all my plants if I only lost four this year I am thankful. Get outside and garden grow your own fruits and vegetables, yes its a lot of work but you would not believe how amazing all of the fresh food tastes. So much better than the super markets. 🙂 Here’s to being productive.


Popsicles make everything better.

I recently started watching a little boy who is 16 months. He is the sweetest thing you have ever seen…aside from my own that is 🙂 I realize that when your little ones are teething it is just so easy to give them Tylenol or anything that numbs the gums that you can buy over the counter in order to ease their pain. Let me just say this…. a Popsicle goes a long way.  My poor little guy would not eat today I felt so bad for him so I whipped out a popsicle and bam gums are numb and he is eating like crazy. They never want teething rings.none of them ever like them. I bought I dont know how many I bought and how many of those went in the trash because the girls didn’t like them. Save your money and buy cheep popsicle, they will like it, the pain subsides, and they will eat after that. Chalk it up to lessons learned 8 years too late 🙂 As always enjoy.

Busy but productive

Have you ever felt like you have had one of those weeks where you just don’t have the energy to do anything and nothing around you is getting done? I saw something on TV a few years back and I have to say it works. So this lady what she did was take a medium sized basket and walk around the house for 15 minutes picking up things that aren’t where they belong. After your fifteen minutes are up you then put away everything in that basket. This gets things done but has only taken at most 30 minutes. If you do it everyday you house stays picked up and you feel productive. While this is a great idea I also love having a schedule for cleaning days. What i do is Monday is for vacuuming and so on through the week. At least one things is getting done so you are productive no matter what because you are scheduled to do that item 🙂

cleaning lady

Usefull information on money

I was recently speaking to my Aunt and I was giving her information about making easy money without going to work. I know everyone is looking up how to make money at home, and while these things help they do not make a paycheck just help. SO without further delay.

My new favorite app.

Checkout 51- This is an app for your phone. Each week they have certain coupons and if you but them you just need to bring up with app, check the ones your bought and upload your receipt. When your account reaches 20 dollars you get a check in the mail. I only buy the ones that are on my list to begin with so that I am not spending more than I planned to.

Amazon Mechanical Turk- Amazon has a place where you can go online and work. The jobs range from free to 90.00 (Highest i have seen). You go on and do the jobs you want to do. My goal is 10.00 a day to make 300 a month for extra income. You have an account that builds up money and as soon as your 10 days waiting time is up you can withdraw that money and transfer it into your checking account.

Swagbucks- This is a website where you can shop, watch, answer surveys, do small tasks and play games and as you do these things you earn points. The more points you have the more you can get with those points. Because I have a pay pal account I plan to exchange my points for a 25 dollar pay pal card. You deposit that to your pay pal account and then move it to your checking account. There are other kinds of gift cards on there, check it out.

Just as a bonus I also love goodreads and try to share that knowledge as much as possible, If you love books go onto goodreads. This site has every book I have ever heard of I can keep track of what book I am reading, how far I am into the book and review it when I am done. If that isn’t enough there are also giveaways! Yep that’s right ladies and gent’s they give away books. Now i probably entered 1000 giveaways last year and most of those I lost but I won 40! That’s 40 books I did not have to buy and all they ask is that you review the book when you are done. Sometimes you will also get a book that the Author signed or wrote you a special little note. I have ten of these. If the author really likes your review they will put you on the waiting list for their next one and guess what…yep you get that book for free also. LOVE LOVE LOVE his site.

Online book club.org- This site if you are a book lover (eventually) will pay you for reviewing books. The main thing with this one is you have to build your profile up. When you sign up you have a 3 day waiting period before you can make your profile, during this time you can contribute to the blog and forum so that you are earning credit. After a week of waiting after you have joined the group that reviews the book you will start being able to choose the books that you want to review. I am still in this waiting period….the more you contribute the forum though the faster your supposed to be able to review books….I might need an update on this one 🙂

As always ENJOY 🙂