My girls and I have straight hair and I am always curling their hair for some kind of thing at school. Last night while on PINTEREST (Surprise surprise right) I stumbled on a lady who put her little girls hair into little bantu knots over night and in the morning took them out and had the prettiest curls you had ever seen and sense the hair dried that way well they weren’t going to come out. Sooooo I told the girls to come her and quickly put their hair up in little bantu knots….problem was I twisted it while I was putting them up so when they woke up and I took them out they are frizzy and crazy all over the place.We will try it again tonight because I really think it could work and be pretty…if I did it right. This is suck a good idea and you don’t have rollers in your hair like all of us did when we were little. Those were horrible and the saying that oh they didn’t hurt because they were foam was ridiculous because in the middle and ends it was hard plastic! So while mine was a fail so far we will try again tomorrow night and hopefully I can post gorgeous curls as an update 🙂 Enjoy