Anti Itch cream! So much better than hydrocortazone

Ok so at least 4 times a year I break out in itchy watery bumps that drive me up the wall. We use to put Eucalyptus oil on my daughters excema in order to help it out. So today when I was going crazy not itching I thought what on earth can I use on m y skin to relieve the itch and not claw up my arms. Let me tell you Hydrocortazone does not work Benadryl cream does not work and the steroid cream does not work. And if they do it works for maybe 20 minutes then you cant use anything for 4 hours. SO here is what I did, 1 teaspoon Eucalyptus and a tablespoon of coconut oil. There is a little tingling but other than that Im not wanting to claw my skin off. Here’s hoping you don’t need this but if you do I hope it helps you also. Goodluck and as always Enjoy 🙂